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washer and dryer

Washers & Dryer Repair Services

Common Washer Problems We Fix:

  • Leaking water (from hoses, door seal, dispenser)

  • Not draining properly

  • Won't spin or agitate

  • Excessive noise or vibration

  • Takes too long to wash clothes

  • Fill cycle issues (not enough water, not taking in water)

  • Machine not turning on

  • Error codes

Common Dryer Problems We Fix:

  • Not drying clothes properly (takes too long, clothes come out damp)

  • Excessive lint buildup

  • Making loud noises

  • Burning smell

  • Won't heat up

  • Won't tumble

  • Takes too long to dry clothes

  • Machine not turning on

  • Error codes

Our Washer and Dryer Repair Service Includes:

  • Diagnose the problem

  • Provide a repair estimate upfront

  • Fix the problem using high-quality parts

  • Test the washer or dryer to ensure proper functionality

Additional Services:

  • Washer and dryer maintenance and cleaning

  • Dryer vent cleaning (essential for safety and efficiency)

  • Stacked washer and dryer installation

Benefits of Using Our Washer and Dryer Repair Service:

  • Save money compared to replacing the appliance

  • Get your washer or dryer fixed quickly and efficiently

  • Avoid the hassle of troubleshooting the problem yourself

  • Our technicians are experienced and qualified to repair all major washer and dryer brands

Call us today to schedule a washer or dryer repair appointment!

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